AIRway Project

Access path to Institutional Resources via link resolvers


The AIRway project is encouraged by the following universities and research institutions.

  • Hokkaido University, JAPAN
  • Chiba University, JAPAN
  • Tsukuba University, JAPAN
  • Nagoya University, JAPAN
  • Kyushu University, JAPAN
  • National Institute of Informatics, JAPAN

In the AIRway project, the institutional repositories of the following universities are the link targets now.

The following link resolvers corresponds to AIRway.

  • WorldCat Link Manager (formerly known as 1CATE) (OCLC New Jersey)
    (including SwetsWise Linker etc. that use WorldCat Link Manager as the internal engine)
  • SFX
  • TOUResolver (TDNet OpenURL Resolver)
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