AIRway Project

Access path to Institutional Resources via link resolvers

What's New

  • TOUResolver has been added to the corenponding link resolver. (June 2012)
  • AIRway now resolves 17 repositories. (Mar. 2009)
  • AIRway team participated in the poster session at DC2008. (Please refer the "Resources" section of this site.) (24 Sep. 2008)
  • OCLC has released an article about AIRway (OCLC Abstracts, Vol.10, No.11, 2007).


The AIRway (Access path to Institutional Resources via link resolvers) is a research and development project, which is aimed to achieve the navigation to open access documents collected in institutional repositories etc. by link resolvers. As its character, the AIRway is also possible to be widely applied to resolve the location of a open access document through OpenURL request.

Link resolvers can improve the function of offering appropriate copies service by cooperating with the AIRway server in the system level and lead users who don't have the electronic journal subscription license to the full-text of the document.

Universities and research institutions that manage their institutional repositories can gain users of link resolvers in addtion to the users of Internet search engines such as Google and service providers for OAI-PMH such as OAIster by offering their metadata to the AIRway server with OAI-PMH. As a result, this project is the one having aimed to improve the visibility of documents registered in the institutional repositories furthermore.

brief explanation and demonstration(FLASH 2min)

BaseURL of AIRway

AIRway accepts OpenURL0.1 and OpenURL1.0 requests.
For example, see

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