AIRway Project

Access path to Institutional Resources via link resolvers

For Link Resolvers

We welcome the vendors that refer to the AIRway servers and offer location information of open access document to its own link resolver user.

* When you put in the AIRway cooperation to its own link resolver, please do not only statically link to AIRway server (ex. with BASEURL + QUERYSTRING) but also solving location in the AIRway server in internal processing and offer the direct link to the location of the document to the user.

There are two methods in the cooperation between systems.

Method to resolve by sending OpenURL Request to AIRway server.
AIRway server sends back the result to the request from OpenURL0.1 and 1.0 by XML which follows a specific schema based on info:ofi/fmt:xml:xsd:journal. Link resolvers is possible to refer to AIRway like referring CrossRef.
Method to harvest meta data that AIRway server has beforehand by using OAI-PMH
(This method is not programmed into AIRway server system now. We have a plan to discuss to program it depending on the presence of some needs.)

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